The community of St. Augustine's strives to enact a sacramental way of life that bridges the gap between what we deem as sacred and profane. It means seeing the world through beatific lenses. In addition to the sacraments as outlined in the Book of Common Prayer, we seek to incorporate sacramental living as a daily practice and discipline. Our communal life, in both prayer and practice, expands our notion of sacrament to encompass our whole being.

Holy Eucharist

As the central communal act of worship, the Holy Eucharist is offered each Sunday morning at Benton Chapel at 9:30 am. Other Eucharistic celebrations occur throughout the week. Please see the Worship Schedule for a complete list of services and for seasonal changes.


During a regular Sunday morning worship at Benton Chapel, St. Augustine's celebrates communally the sacrament of Holy Baptism in November (All Saints' Day). In May (patron day of St. Augustine), we celebrate Holy Baptism communally at the river. If you are interested in receiving the sacrament or wish it for your child, please email Jes Williams at


The A-Frame chapel is a beautiful and sacred space for the celebration of marriage and is available for use. If you have questions about clergy availability and/or A-Frame chapel use or would like to arrange for premarital counseling, please email Jes Williams at


The celebration of life and burial of the dead is an important aspect of the ministry of the church. The clergy and staff at St. Augustine's will work with you in arranging a meaningful service for your loved one. To speak with a priest, please call the Chapel at 615-322-4783.


In the sacramental rite of Confirmation, baptized persons are confirmed in the Christian faith with the laying on of hands by the bishop. Preparation for both adults and young persons includes learning about our Anglican heritage and the Episcopal Church.


Clergy are also available for the Rite of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick. To inquire about these sacraments, please call the Chapel at 615-322-4783 or email Jes Williams at